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Our Celeste balls are made of PVC. For inflation, we recommend following these steps to ensure your Celeste ball is properly inflated.

Use a suitable pump

It’s recommended to use a pump specifically designed for inflating exercise balls, such as an air pump or ideally, an air compressor. These pumps provide controlled inflation and make the process easier. Avoid using high-pressure pumps, as they could damage the ball.

Insert the inflation plug

Locate the inflation plug on your exercise ball. It’s usually situated on the side of the ball. Gently remove it.

Inflate gradually

Insert the pump nozzle into the inflation hole of the ball. Begin pumping air into the ball gradually and in a controlled manner. It’s better to inflate the ball slowly rather than overinflate it all at once.

Check the firmness

Stop inflating once the ball reaches the desired firmness. You can test the firmness by lightly pressing on the ball with your hand. Make sure it offers sufficient support for you to sit comfortably.

Replace the inflation plug

Once the ball is properly inflated, gently remove the pump nozzle and securely replace the inflation plug.

Periodically check the pressure

It’s normal for the ball to lose a bit of air over time. Regularly check the pressure and reinflate if necessary to maintain optimal firmness.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to properly inflate your exercise ball and enjoy it to the fullest.

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