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We want to offer you the best experience with our products throughout the year, whether it’s in the summer with our Swimming bean bags or in the winter with our Velvet bean bags. That’s why we offer the option to purchase only the cover for our various bean bags on our website, in the “Covers & Accessories” section.

Buying just a cover allows you to easily switch from an outdoor bean bag to an indoor one without having to buy an entire new bean bag. You can maintain the comfort and style of your bean bag while adapting the cover to your needs and the season. If you already have a Jumbo Bag bean bag and want to change its appearance, or if you simply want to vary the colors and textures, our selection of covers offers you a wide range of options.

Whether you want to freshen up your bean bag with a new summer cover or make it cozier with a velvet cover for the winter, our range of covers will meet your desires. Additionally, buying a cover only is cost-effective and environmentally friendly because it allows you to reuse the existing filling of your beanbag.

Feel free to explore our selection of covers and accessories to personalize your Jumbo Bag bean bag according to your preferences and lifestyle. If you have specific questions about purchasing a cover only or need assistance in choosing the best option for your bean bag, our team is here to help you at [email protected].

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