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Among the wide variety of giant cushions offered by Jumbo Bag, only the poufs labeled as “Swimming” (including Swimming Sunbrella) are recommended for use in water. These specially designed poufs facilitate water circulation through the material, providing better buoyancy and allowing for quicker drying due to improved water drainage.

It’s important to note that Original, velvet, or other poufs are not designed for aquatic use. They may not offer the same water resistance or facilitate drying, which can lead to mold formation inside and on the pouf. Therefore, it’s recommended not to use them in water to avoid damaging your Jumbo Bag and preserving its durability.

If you’re looking for a pouf for water use, specifically choose Jumbo Bag’s Swimming poufs. They are designed to meet the specific buoyancy and drying requirements associated with water use, allowing you to fully enjoy your aquatic experience safely.

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