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For deliveries to Switzerland, please take note of the following information regarding fees:

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges to Switzerland are currently set at €50 including VAT. This includes transport costs as well as customs fees.

Customs Fees

Out of the €50 including VAT for delivery charges, €25 is specifically allocated to cover customs fees. These fees are imposed by customs authorities for product clearance.

Import VAT

The Swiss government may require Swiss customers to pay import value-added tax (VAT) in addition to delivery charges and customs fees. The current import VAT rate in Switzerland is 7.7%.

Please note that these fees are subject to potential adjustments based on current customs and tax regulations. It is advisable to check for updates regarding delivery charges and taxes with the relevant authorities or our customer service before placing your order.

We strive to ensure that delivery charges to Switzerland are transparent and accurate. If you have any additional questions regarding delivery charges or any other specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].

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