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To store your floating beanbag during the winter, follow these steps:

Uncovering and Drying

The first thing to do is to thoroughly dry it in the sunlight. To do this, you can uncover your beanbag, make sure to clean your cover well to prevent any mold formation, and both the cover and the filling beads should be cleaned.

Feel free to turn the bead bag several times for complete drying. Ensure that the beads are completely dry before moving on to the next step to prevent any mold formation.

Cover Storage

Once thoroughly dried, you can fold the cover and store it in a cupboard. Make sure the storage area is dry and free from moisture. Avoid places where the cover could come into contact with water or moisture.

Bead Storage

For the filling beads, it’s best to store them in a dry place, away from moisture, such as a garage. You can hang them to prevent them from being on the ground.

If you plan on reusing the beads in the future, ensure they remain clean and in good condition during storage.

Is it possible to reuse the inner beads?

Yes, ideally, we recommend reusing the inner beads. You can consider changing the cover of your floating pouf to an outdoor or velvet cover, according to your preferences. This will allow you to enjoy your pouf during the cooler seasons, giving it a new look while retaining the existing filling beads.

When the summer seasons return, if you plan to use the same beads for your giant pool cushion, make sure to clean the velvet cover well before storing it in a dry place away from moisture.

Remember to follow these recommendations to ensure the longevity and preservation of your floating pouf during the winter months. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].

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