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For customers residing outside the European Union (EU) and Overseas Territories (DOM-TOM), as well as for countries not listed in the selectable countries on the ‘Payment’ page of our website, here are the delivery procedures:

Contact via Email

If you wish to purchase one of our products but your country is not eligible for delivery on our website, please send us an email to the provided address. In this email, please specify the products you want to purchase, your place of residence or the delivery address, and any relevant information for processing your order.

Information and Restrictions

Once we have received all this information, our sales teams will contact you to inform you of the various terms and any potential restrictions regarding delivery to your country. Each country may have its own customs rules and import restrictions that can affect the delivery of our products.

Partial Delivery

Depending on the delivery country, we may only be able to send the product cover, and you may need to purchase the filling separately. This approach allows us to comply with local import regulations while still offering you the option to purchase the filling locally if necessary.

We do our best to accommodate the requests of our international customers and facilitate delivery to the extent possible. For any specific requests or if you need more information regarding delivery outside the EU and Overseas Territories, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our teams will be happy to assist you and find the best solution for your needs.

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