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At Jumbo Bag, we want our customers to enjoy the utmost comfort, which is why we offer bead refills in our “Covers and Accessories” section. You have the option to purchase beads only to adjust the level of filling in your bean bag according to your desires and preferences.

Over time and with regular use, it’s completely normal for the filling in your bean bag to lose some of its firmness. By purchasing bead refills, you can restore your bean bag to its original comfort or adjust the firmness level to suit your personal preferences.

Furthermore, buying beads only is an economical and environmentally friendly option. You don’t need to replace the entire bean bag because the cover and shape of it remain in good condition. You can simply top up the filling with fresh beads to extend the life of your bean bag.

For those who love extremely plush bean bags, you can also purchase additional beads to create an oversized and even more comfortable bean bag. It’s a convenient way to get the perfect bean bag tailored to your needs and comfort.

Feel free to check out our selection of bead refills in our Covers and Accessories section to keep your bean bag in optimal condition. If you have specific questions about purchasing bead refills or need assistance in choosing the appropriate quantity for your bean bag, our team is here to guide you at [email protected].

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